Vaughan Matthews Handmade Double-Strung Harp

Vaughan Matthews is working on developing a series of workshops

Brief Course Description:

Shamanic Harpestry

You’ll be able to make beautiful music instantly on this ergonomic, handmade Cora-style harp. The course Vaughan Matthews: Handmade, Double-Strung Harpsincludes talks and meditations and hands-on experience in getting into your zone with music. Access your inner master musician and take home a truly transformational tool- and the knowledge on how it can serve your world.


Vaughan Matthews is a master musician who designs and builds harps, he is an educator with 40 years experience in the intuitive arts. His educational style is relaxed and fun with lots of hands-on experience. His gift to you is a wonderful harp and the knowledge on how to go deep with it.

Workshop Description:

“I have spent 60 years creating a course on music that is about a real tool to handle the adversities of life with something we all have inside and just need permission to express. I am here to share with you that the doors are open and it is time to remember the fun of flying. Music is a zone: I will take you there in 5 days and you will never forget, because it is Vaughan Matthews Hand made, Double-Strung Harpwho you are.”

My name is Vaughan Matthews. I have created a harp that sounds and feels beautiful immediately when you touch it. If you can imagine sitting and holding a golden ball of light in your hands, then, this is the position you can stay in when you are playing this Cora-Style Harp. We can access the music immediately because it is tuned in such a way that everything you do sounds right and also beautiful. So we will journey together and I will share with you, both individually and together stories and insights into combining 40 years in playing in the now of infinite possibilities. This extraordinary and totally unique course will cover aspects such as letting the music play you, staying present with an open heart, journeying with an intuitive mind, intention and vibrational alignment, alchemy, manifesting what you want and following your bliss.

Vaughan Matthews: Shamanic Musician

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